Our Services

We offer a fulfillment of warranty and variety of services from RMA, Testing, Repair, Rework, Warehousing and more!

Examples of items that we service:

• Mechanical Assemblies to Electronic System
• Testing/Sorting/Rework/Repair high volume production
• Labeling - including specialized barcodes
• Supply chain logistics coordination of subcomponents
• Rapid response to issues for immediate needs from customers
• Ensure uninterrupted supply to your customers
• Fabrication/Assembly of cables and connector
• Warehousing, Prompt and in time delivery to our customers
• Chassis/Enclosures screen & rework
• Graphic cards testing and screen
• Power Supply RMA
• Optical DVD/DVDR/CDRW/CD-ROM testing
• LCD TV/Monitor rework
• Battery test and screen
• Fan/Heat Sink/Heat Pipe screen and rework
• Laptop troubleshoot and repair
• Connector/cable modification
• Electronic Components
• Warranty testing


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